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Secondary School Students

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There is no doubt that the thought of life beyond school can be a scary topic. But, reality is, decisions you make now will affect options available to you later on.

Don’t worry, being unsure about your future career aspirations is entirely normal, but here’s why getting help to make future plans is so important:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know.  Many people immediately think of the most known roles like: lawyer, police officer, teacher, chef… but what if you were best suited to being a voice over artist, or a gas diver?
  • The subjects that you choose at secondary level have a direct impact on entry requirements into tertiary level study.
  • Making changes cost you time and money; get it right the first time.  If you decide to go to university and discover what you have decided to study isn’t for you, there are no refunds.  On average tuition per semester ranges from $2800 – $7000.
  • And of course, what if you have no idea at all?  Take the pressure off, a career practitioner can help you gain direction.

Your comprehensive session is about finding your passion. Goal Digger takes into account your talents, skills, values, and personal circumstances to establish career options that fit you. We will work with you using assessment tools and counselling techniques combined with a wealth of knowledge to dig up a clear set of goals. You will gain a sense of direction, purpose and know what the labour market trends are for your chosen career path. You will take away a personalised report and the self-awareness to make sound decisions.

If study is where you are headed, you will know what your options are and what you will need to get there – academically, physically and financially. If you are heading into the workforce or into an apprenticeship, she can assist you with a professionally written resume, interview training and job search assistance.

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For Tertiary Students and Graduates

All too often people realise that their choice of study was not quite what they expected, or as a new graduate you may be struggling to find your feet in the world of work.

Getting the professional help of a career practitioner, you can get back on track and avoid costly guesswork.

Goal Digger will carefully analyse you and your career potential, then if needed, assist you to make changes to your qualification that makes for a better fit for your future.

If you have recently graduated and need to optimise yourself and your resume to land the right job, look no further.  Utilise Goal Digger’s professional resume and LinkedIn writing, and interview training services.

Need help picking a path?

Contact me about discussing your education path and future employment goals.
Tammy-Lee is an intuitive communicator with a high level of commitment and passion. Her wealth of knowledge and skills coupled with her genuine nature and insight is inspiring. With her caring support and encouragement she is an amazing mentor that helped me understand and initiate the right decisions confidently for my chosen career path. Kristin

It was invaluable for my daughter to have Tammy-Lee work alongside her to help make those important career decisions. Her professional and caring approach was very much appreciated. It was great to see confidence and excitement develop and grow, especially when your children are working with positive people who are supportive in their quest to set new goals and make informed decisions on their future. Karen

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