Position/Job Descriptions & Person Specifications

Job descriptions and person specifications are formal documents that accurately detail the duties and responsibilities of a role and the type of person needed to fulfill the role.

In New Zealand it is a requirement that there is some form of written information describing what an employee’s role is.

Whist developing these documents may seem like an onerous task, the benefit can certainly pay off for your business.

Having a formalised position document is the bones to developing great staff and boosting retention.

Person specifications outline what is required of a person to fulfill a job. What qualifications do they need, experience, skills etc. As potential employees know themselves best, they will be able to identify if they have the capabilities to be successful.

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How an accurate Job Description Helps

  • It allows for better recruitment in the first instance
  • Allows you to benchmark and keep tabs on performance
  • Ensures employees really understand their role and empowers them to develop and grow. They will know what is expected of them and how their work will be evaluated
  • Makes all roles within the organisational structure clear, ensuring better use of resources, better productivity, and leadership.
  • It is easier to develop or identify personal development/training opportunities
  • Have a reference tool for any employee/employer disputes

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