Performance Management

Why appraise your staff?

The words ‘performance appraisal’ can have such a negative vibe. But really, this is just a formal process to manage how your staff are going, identify issues if there are any, areas they could improve and how you can support them and of course, career progression and remuneration.
Benefits of appraisals are:

  • Employees feeling engaged, considered and valued.  Good staff like direction and something to work towards
  • Provide a good reminder for staff to self-review and consider themselves, “how am I really doing, have I kept up my standards of work?”
  • They are a good marker for reward (pay review, conference attendance, or other benefits)
  • Provide an opportunity for one-on-one conversation about issues or ideas that can’t be discussed in front of other staff
  • Employees get bored, the grass gets greener… if they have some future direction in their role, they may be less inclined to look for that direction somewhere else.

A huge benefit of having formal position descriptions and person specifications in place, is having something to measure performance against.

Most organisations will have some form of performance management system whether it’s a formal or informal approach. This largely depends on the size and nature of the business. From the start, it is good to let new employees know how their performance will be reviewed.

Managing performance well pays off with outputs and ensuring that your employees are well matched for their job and are able to work at their best capacity.


We also offer other services such as:

  • Induction programmes
  • Company handbooks
  • Job application forms
  • Recruitment ad writing

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Goal Digger can assist you to put a formal process in place and will support you to implement it.

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