Health and Safety and your Small Business

Health and safety is one of, if not the key function of your business.  If you have one employee, or 100 employees, you have to be on board with keeping your most precious assets safe – your people.

There is no doubt that a lot of small businesses have been rather fearful of the new legislation brought in in 2016.  Let us assure you, it is aimed to make us all take health and safety seriously and it doesn’t have to be as scary as you may think.

At Goal Digger, we know that our small to medium sized businesses are wanting to be compliant, but haven’t got the expertise and or time to make that happen.  Health and safety compliance isn’t a service we offer, but here’s our solution for you!

One clever Kiwi H&S Expert has designed and implemented quite possibly the best solution we have seen for your H&S needs.  She gets small business in every way, from cost to simplicity of use.  We liken it to the Xero for the H&S world.  We’ve partnered up with My Safety Guru to ensure you can jump on board and have your health and safety solutions sorted in a jiffy.

Plenty of our employers have jumped on the Guru bandwagon, check it out and if you need more info, complete the form below. Too easy!



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