About Employers Services

In your business, you are the expert at what you do, but not always when it comes to your staff. It is not always viable to have a dedicated human resource person on board, particularly if you are a small business, so Goal Digger is here to help when you need consulting human resource services.  We do only what needs doing, so you don’t have the ongoing commitment of a permanent employee.

What we do

  • Person specification and job descriptions for new or existing roles in your company, and the development of organisational structure. We can also create application documents.
  • Job advertisements and give you recruitment advice if you wish to recruit independently.
  • Or, let us do the hard work for you and recruit on your behalf!
  • Induction and company hand books for employees.
  • Individual Employment Agreements.
  • Performance management of employees. You may wish to have a management plan developed for you to implement yourself, or use us to work with your staff too.
  • Staff professional development workshops. We work with your staff to carryout a skill assessment, which allows them to create realistic job progression and will bring focus to performance management programmes. We also carry out personality assessments and work with teams around collaboration and communication based on the personality traits of team members.
  • Career change facilitation workshops for employees facing redundancy, allowing you to fulfill your moral obligations as an employer and maintain your status as a reputable organisation.

As an employer, your needs are relevant and specific to you at the time.  Please enquire with any other assistance you may need.

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