Interview Coaching

So your CV and cover letter has landed you an interview, great. But are you prepared? Or, have you been for several interviews but never get the job? You need interview coaching.

Interviews are becoming increasingly more challenging as employers become savvier with recruitment processes in an attempt to hire the right person the first time. Often, a specialised recruitment company interviews you before you meet anyone from the company you want to work for. You need to know how to deal with:

  • Situational and behavioural questions
  • Curly questions about what’s in your CV
  • Panel interviews
  • Impromptu presentations
  • Psychometric assessment results

While we can never predict exactly how an interview will unfold, you can be as prepared as you can to ensure you are relaxed and confident. At Goal Digger we personalise the interview coaching session for your needs and the type of role you are interviewing for. We will work with you to go through what might come up within the interview and we will run a mock interview with you to provide you with constructive feedback.

If you are faced with psychometric testing or not, it is certainly of benefit to you to do some work around your personality and skills, the more you know yourself, the better. We can carryout fast and informative testing with you.

And, the longer you have to prepare and practice, the better.

Things to know about before an Interview

Behavioural Questions

Behavioural questions are often the best predictor of future behaviour, and can be prepared for if you do your homework. You may be asked to respond to something like “tell me about a time where…”, and you would need to relate the question to something from a past scenario and think about how that would reflect on you in the role you are applying for.

Situational Questions

Situational questions are often trickier, especially as we are dealing with the hypothetical. You may be hit with questions more along the lines of “How would you handle…? You need to be able to answer the question without completely going off topic or digging yourself into a hole.

CV Questions

Do you have an explainable gap in your CV or a work history that doesn’t ‘fit’ with the direction of your career? Recruiters will get their red pens out and be ready to query anything that doesn’t seem natural within your resume. You can’t lie, so you need to be prepared to answer these questions as best you can.
For some roles, for example sales, teaching or training, it can be reasonable for interviewers to ask you to do a mock presentation. Sometimes you have time to prepare before the interview, other times not.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are becoming increasingly popular, particularly within large organisations. Do you understand your personality and skills and how they fit within the organisation. Don’t let the results surprise you, you are best to understand yourself and how you work (both positively and negatively) before you head into the interview.

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