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We provide an end-to-end approach to employment by taking care of business HR needs through to coaching individuals (students and adults) into their careers, or career change.

We specialise in what we do and we won’t break your bank either!

Career Changes

Looking for a more fulfilling career or need to change your job?  We can help

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We provide help with your study choices and direction


Learn how to choose and work with your staff

Be a Goal Digger.

If it's CAREER goals, EMPLOYMENT goals, or HR goals for you or your business, you've landed your spade in the right place.

Solutions for Growth

Goal Digger is an exclusive career and HR consulting practice, offering solutions for individuals and businesses for everything related to individual growth and development to satisfying your business HR needs.

Love Your Work

Career professionals and HR practitioners work in a diverse environment and have a unique set of skills, knowledge and resources to ensure you love your work and workplace.

Tailored for You

There is no problem the same and no one-size-fits-all solution. You will be guaranteed help that is realistic, specific and individual to you, to ensure you or your business has a Goal Digger mentality.

When to call the professionals…

  • You or your teen has no idea what school subjects to choose and has no idea what they want to do when they finish school
  • You’ve been made redundant, what next?
  • Mondayitis has become a weekly occurrence; you’re sitting at your desk wishing you weren’t at your desk
  • You’re heading into the job search and need a smart resume or interview coaching
  • You’ve got staff and need HR help!
  • Your employees are under-performing
  • Your business needs structure
  • You want to create new positions within your company

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Tammy-Lee has a no fuss, no nonsense way of helping a person to identify both their short and long-term goals, and translates those into concise educational and career training objectives.

I received practical advice and clear signposts based on the choices I made. Even when I departed from my original objectives, Tammy-Lee was not fazed at all; she simply ‘changed tack’ to incorporate my new goal and supported me throughout my 5 year journey.

I have now graduated with an LLB (in my forties) and couldn’t be happier about my new career and profession. Thanks Tammy-Lee! Katrina

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